Box, squat and sweat your way to empowerment. All of our circuits, strength and agility sessions are lead by professional athletes to support you to get the best both physically and mentally.

Sweat, strength and speed focused, these 45 minute circuits are designed by Muay Thai and MMA coaches, pulling exercises from both disciplines to form a circuit that looks at agility and speed. Designed to improve your overall cardio fitness and refine your whole body this is a non combat class for everyone.

 Sharpen your mind and your body - taught by former professional boxer and former commonwealth title, Steve O'Meara, this class will build your technique and fitness. A combination of bag, pads and ring work, this 45 minute class not only stimulates endorphin production and blood flow but is a masterclass in the mental focus and grit needed to hack it in the ring. 

Symbiosis of HIIT and boxing training, combining the toughest physical moves with rapid action, in a fast 45minute class to raise your heart rate and the test your whole body. 


Personal training

Are there specific goals you want to hit or are you keen to push yourself further? 


We believe that physical and mental performance are symbiotic. All of our trainers hail from a variety of professional sporting backgrounds; boxing, ballet, MMA and rugby, to support you physically and psychologically to achieve brilliant results.

One to one training

Be the best you

We work alongside you to develop a programme that fits your goals, your time, and your preferences.


One to one boxing coaching, with former professional fighters. Be it an introduction to the boxing at your own pace or a focused plan to develop your own technique, please do get in touch here.


If you are looking to improve your overall fitness or looking to come back after an injury, we can develop a plan specific to your requirements. Please do enquire here


One to one boxing with lead boxing coach (former professional boxer) is £80/hour

10 session bundle deal - One to one with lead boxing coach is £700

One to one with a coach £50/hour


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